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Visit our Test Plots

Before you make a decision regarding grass seed, come check out the test plots at Premier Farm & Home. We're the only place in Topeka that plants and displays its turf genetics!

You'll find the best turf-type tall fescue genetics in the mixes we've selected for Eastern Kansas and the transition zone.

Green Resistor Delivers Results

Our Green Resistor blend is created by selecting varieties that perform well in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Every year, we evaluate the performance of new turf varieties and update our blend to ensure you're getting a product that features cutting edge genetics. 
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Defiance XRE Proves Its Worth

Defiance has been a strong performer when compared to our other premium blends. It will remain competitive when compared to any 2002-2005 turf-type or older varieties of seed, such as Evergreen or Gardenwise.

Our turf-type tall fescue blends feature a dark green color, fine leaf texture, and a slower growth habit when compared to K-31 tall fescue.
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