Effective Lawn and Garden Products

Tend your lawn in every season with effective products from Premier Farm & Home. Whether you need seed, fertilizer, or pesticide, you'll find what you need at our store.

You'll also receive expert advice to get the most out of the products you buy.

Lawn Seed

Find lawn seed adapted to our seasonal changes when you shop at Premier Farm & Home.
  • Green Resistor Turf Type Tall Fescue Blend, including a new blend of specially suited to Kansas: Winter Circle, Turf Type and Tall Fescue
  • Winter Circle Tall Fescue
  • Defiance XRE Turf Type Tall Fescue
  • K-31 Fescue
  • Many other kinds of turf grass seed

Grow a Great Green Lawn

We stock a wide selection of fertilizer with a variety of slow release nitrogen options. We also carry anything you need to get rid of lawn pests and weeds. We have the information and knowledge to help you turn your lawn around.
  • Fertilizers in stock include:
    •  32-03-08 with 30% polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea 2% Iron 
    • 16-24-12 with 30% polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea urea 2% Iron
    • 25-0-5 with 30% multi-coat 10% ammonium sulfate 2% Iron
    • 46-0-0 Fast Release
    • 13-13-13
  • Crabgrass pre-emergent with dimension and barricades. Products are single application and designed to last the entire season, 6-8 months.
    • 14-0-7 with .430% stonewall 30% coated urea
    • 17-0-3 with .33% dimension 45% duration
  • Herbicides, including Trimec, Turflon Ester, and generic Glyphosate
  • Pest control products such as rodent baits, mole killers, traps, and more
Premier Farm & Home also offers a fertilizer program that treats your lawn throughout the growing season. Call 785-862-2505 or contact us for the full details.

Everything for Your Outdoor Maintenance

  • Sprayers
  • Garden hoses
  • Stump killers
  • Premium ice melt (Freeze Guard and ASPEN)
  • Rock salt
  • Poison ivy soap (a new product)
at 900 SW University Blvd
Open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday through Saturday

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