Essential Horse Care Products

When it comes to caring for your horses, you'll find no better resource than the experts at Premier Farm & Home.

We care about horses about as much as you do and we are always willing to share our knowledge so you get the most from the products we make available to you.

Whether you need feed, vaccination products, wormers, or other essential equine goods, make Premier Farm & Home your go-to choice.

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Improve Your Equine Care With Informative Videos

H.O.W Event. Interview on Ag Am in Kansas with Purina Mills' Ernie Rodina and Dawn Dawson with Chad Bullock from Premier Farm & Home. Discussions about Horse Owner Workshops and other events.

Equine Care. Genna Gallaher talks to Brian Hallman with Ag Am in Kansas about the use of equine lights, hoof care, and horse bedding.

Equine metabolic issues. Genna talks to Brian about Cushing's Disease and other metabolic problems with horses.

Deworming horses. Genna Gallaher talks about horse worming considerations in the fall.

Stretching Hay Supply. Brian Hallman of Ag Am in Kansas interviews Genna Gallaher about ways to stretch hay when it's short. More from Genna and Brian on forage hay conservation.

Winter Care for Horses. Brian Hallman of AG Am in Kansas interviews Genna Gallaher of Premier Farm & Home about horse barn management and other winter horse care issues.

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"Love this place! Have always bought my feed and horse supplies here and was so thrilled that after a year of urging they distribute Thrive, they were able to offer it for our rescue horses at Shooting Star Equine Rescue. They recently saved me by dropping off a few bags after I couldn't make it before closing time. They definitely go above and beyond offering personal service."

 -Careen Critchfield Cain, Facebook

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