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Durable Farm Products & Equipment

Keep your farm in good running order with long-lasting supplies from Premier Farm & Home. 

You'll get good feedback and suggestions from us when you need it. Because every product we sell is designed to give you a specific benefit, we want you to be successful with everything we offer.

The Products You Need to Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly

  • Cattle panels
  • Barbed wire
  • Round pens
  • Corral panels
  • Safe fence electric tape fencing
  • Paramak low-impedance fence chargers
  • Heavy-duty T-posts 1.33 wt
  • CCA-treated wood round posts
  • 9' hedge posts line and corner posts
  • Century livestock feeders
  • Cattle sweep systems and squeeze chutes
  • Round bale feeders for cattle (models #107 and 109)
  • Mineral feeders
  • Priefert feed bunks, including new 10-foot, all metal units
  • Pasture seeds

FREE Measuring for DIY Buildings

We also sell DIY building and farm supplies. To ensure you get units that both fit your needs and fit your space, we'll measure your yard for FREE! Call us at 785-862-2505 or contact us for more information.

Videos Answer Your Farm Questions

Rodent Control. Ag Am in Kansas interviews Chad Bullock of Premier Farm & Home about rodent control in an agricultural setting.

Winter Livestock Rations. AG Am in Kansas interviews Chad Bullock with Premier Farm & Home about winter rations and other preparations for livestock.

Water Issues. Brian Hallman Interviews Chad Bullock with Premier Farm & Home about water issues and livestock.

Fall Livestock Preparations. Brian Hallman and Chad Bullock discuss how to get ready for fall livestock care.

Supplementing Brood Cows. Chad Bullock interviews Wes Blair of Blair Milling about supplementing cattle. Discussions include tubs and range cubes, how to figure how much a cow needs, and how much will it cost you per head per day.

Feeding Companion Animals. Discussions about feeding goats and chickens.

Horse Care Products

When it comes to caring for your horses, you'll find no better resource than the experts at Premier Farm & Home.

We care about horses about as much as you do and we are always willing to share our knowledge so you get the most from the products we make available to you.

Whether you need feed, vaccination products, wormers, or other essential equine goods, make Premier Farm & Home your go-to choice.

horse supplies

Improve Your Equine Care With Informative Videos

H.O.W Event. Interview on Ag Am in Kansas with Purina Mills' Ernie Rodina and Dawn Dawson with Chad Bullock from Premier Farm & Home. Discussions about Horse Owner Workshops and other events.

Equine Care. Genna Gallaher talks to Brian Hallman with Ag Am in Kansas about the use of equine lights, hoof care, and horse bedding.

Equine metabolic issues. Genna talks to Brian about Cushing's Disease and other metabolic problems with horses.

Deworming horses. Genna Gallaher talks about horse worming considerations in the fall.

Stretching Hay Supply. Brian Hallman of Ag Am in Kansas interviews Genna Gallaher about ways to stretch hay when it's short. More from Genna and Brian on forage hay conservation.

Winter Care for Horses. Brian Hallman of AG Am in Kansas interviews Genna Gallaher of Premier Farm & Home about horse barn management and other winter horse care issues.

Great Cattle Supplies and Information

Keep your cattle growing strong with a great selection of products available from Premier Farm & Home. 

Whether you're supplementing brood cows or preparing cattle for market, let our experts connect you with the products and the information you need to make everything a success.

Everything You Need for Your Cattle

  • Pour-on wormers
  • Vet wraps
  • Cattle vaccinations
  • Feed and feeders
  • Minerals and feeders
  • Sweep systems and squeeze chutes
  • Feed-through fly control
  • Fencing, and much more

Reliable Products for Companion Animals

  • Feed for sheep, goats, poultry, and other small domesticated animals
  • Exotic animal feeds, including Mazuri products for birds, reptiles, camelids, and primates
  • Dog wormers
  • Frontline Plus flea and tick products for dogs and cats

Select Pet Products for Your Pets

Bring good health and a little fun into your pet's life with a wide variety of select products from Premier Farm & Home. 

Your family will have a good time selecting the right goods for your dog, cat, or other any other pet.

Everything Your Pet Needs

  • Dog food, including PMI, Diamond, and Sportmix
  • Cat food
  • Rawhide chew toys
  • Pig ears
  • Dog toys
  • Dog shampoo, including the complete line of Durvet Naturals
  • Pet bowls
  • Dog vaccinations, including Spectra 7 and Kennel Ject 2
  • Cat vaccinations, including Feline Focus 3
  • Dog treats
  • Premium kennels
  • Chain-link kennels
  • Doghouses
  • Wild bird seed
  • Wild birdhouses
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